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8 Basic Insurance Policy and Claims Guidelines For Happy Customers

“Beginning in the 1990s…insurance companies reconsidered [their] understanding of the claims process. The insight was simple. An insurance company’s greatest expense is what it pays out in claims. If it pays out less in claims, it keeps more in profits. Therefore, the...
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Adjusters Are NOT Responsible

Adjusters are not responsible for the final work product.They never have been.Here is an excerpt from a recent call I had with a client.  The adjuster with Mercury insurance underbid his repairs by at least $10,000.  Mercury insurance also made him move...
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Organizational Culture Determines Organizational Success

“We are creating an industry which is creating jobs that are less and less appealing to the potential employees in the job market.” ~Thomas Underbrink Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Oregon Casualty Adjusters Association annual symposium.  It had...
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Why You Should ALWAYS Bill Your Client FIRST

Bill Your Client It sounds simple, elementary even.  What business expects to get paid without billing their client?Restoration guys, that’s who.I had a conversation with a client of mine yesterday regarding a couple outstanding mitigation invoices.  He asked if I...
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NEVER Ask Your Adjuster For Permission on Your Claim

Adjusters aren't in a position to determine scope.Too many times, I've seen insureds give away their negotiating leverage by asking their insurance adjuster for permission.Adjusters aren't in a position to determine scope.  They aren't in a position to determine...
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How To Get Xactimate Estimates Written by Claims Delegates

"How does it work?"I recently received an email from a new client asking how Claims Delegates "worked".  She asked several really great questions, and I thought I'd answer them for ya'll.In reality I'm being lazy, because these are actually very common questions that...
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What is Depreciation and Why Should I Care?

I thought I'd record a short video to share my take on depreciation.I had several hours of driving to do and decided to at least get some thoughts out there.Depreciation, in short, is the difference between ACV and RCV of your property - whether that be your house,...
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The Claim Clinic gets some Social Media Advice

Get started TODAY! Receive your Xactimate estimate TOMORROW! You can see this whole post over at Or listen to the episode on...
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State Farm Rejected Mold Claim

Claim Doctor Q&A: State Far Denies Mold ClaimOften I get questions about denied claims. Too often it is too late for me to provide any meaningful assistance.  The moral of this Q&A is: Don't delay in getting professional help.  The longer you wait, the worse...
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Scoping for Xactimate

Every loss scope has three main components: plenty of photos, a legible sketch and a detailed room-by-room scope.  Today we’re going to talk about room scoping.First, some history.I’ve been “writing” insurance scopes for nearly 20 years.  For the first few years,...
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