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Contractors Need Xactimate Estimates

Insurance Repairs Require Xactimate

It’s as simple as that.  And there is a HUGE learning curve with the Xactimate software.

The good news is that you found US!  We’ll take it from here.

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Restoration Starts Here

In order to create a complete Xactimate estimate, no matter who is writing it, it is important to have a system for gathering information.  This package is your introduction to the type of information required to write great insurance repair “sheets.”

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The best way to learn something is my doing it.  This package includes all the setup and initial training you’ll need to start receiving top-quality Xactimate estimates from Claims Delegates.

We’re here to walk you through the steps.  It’s in our best interest that you get estimates that are:

  • Thorough and Complete
  • Easy for adjusters to say “Yes” to
  • Professional looking with your logo

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Maximize Estimator ROI

We are the only service provider in Portland that specializes in helping non-restoration GC’s perform insurance repairs. With Claims Delegates, any quality contractor can avoid the learning curve and break into this exclusive market.  Our goal is for every homeowner to truly be able to chose their own contractor to repair their home after a loss.

You do high quality work.  That’s exactly the kind of work that most people want done when disaster strikes.  We’re here to make sure you get paid to do just that.

Here is a sample XACTIMATE estimate.  As you’ll see, they aren’t exactly self-explanatory. This particular estimate was the final product of several rounds of negotiation and revision.  And the contractor still has the ability to supplement for permits and other “open” items.

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We just need some information to open a file for you. No Credit Card Required.

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Who Controls Your Xactimate Estimates?

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Xactimate is NOT a Sales Tool

Insurance claims do not require multiple bids. If you find yourself in a situation with multiple bid/estimates, run away. No one wins when you sell based on price.  A “client” who is getting more than one Xactimate estimate from more than one restoration...
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Mitigation Moneyball: Water Techs and the $1,000 Hour

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Direct Assignment Transfer via XactAnalysis – Yep, you can do that.

Have you ever wished you could just re-assign your Xactimate estimates to someone else?  You know, like the way the big TPA firms do?  If only there was a way that, when an assignment hits your “Inbox” via XactAnalysis, you could simply re-assign it to someone...
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Does Home Insurance Cover a House Fire?

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The Dark Side of Preferred Provider & TPA networks

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