Love, Hate and the Way Thing Are

I got a lesson in my perspective today. We all need those now and again, right?

I received an email from a friend of mine in the restoration industry. Last year his company wrote over TEN BILLION worth of estimates last year. So, yeah. He’s kind of a big deal. When he speaks, I listen.

He was telling me a story about how Company X missed $585,000 they should have paid in claims.

Following along with his story, I said, “Yeah, they’re the worst.”

His reply is the part that gave me new perspective. His reply, “You know what? I kind of love them.”

This took a second to process. He “loves” a broken process?

And then the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. This is the reason for my job. If an insurance company is doing its’ job, I would expect that it would do four thing:

  1. Educate their client. How does the claims process work? What should they expect? What should they ask for? These are not things you want to learn after the fact. A person who has had an accident just wants thing put back in order quickly.
  2. Paying a fair amount to the contractor. When a contractor does a job, they expect to be paid what they asked for.
  3. Paying in a timely fashion. A contractor did their side of things. They deserve to be paid without argument. If it is too difficult to be paid, a contractor will not work for an insurance company. This continually degrades the quality of available contractors to do restoration work.
  4. Get a loss put back together quickly. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is really all an insured person wants. They pay their bill every month to the insurance carrier. Now there is an incident. They want it all fixed ASAP.

I wish insurance companies were like this. I wish they did everything the way they were supposed to. Unfortunately, they don’t. They are the reason my job exists. In a perfect world, I would be obsolete.

Let’s check back in ten years and see if the insurance agencies have changed their ways, shall we?

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