I’ve seen it so many times that now it’s just silly. A plumber is complaining that all of those other water companies are opening their own “water damage” departments. They are, according to complaints, taking business away from the “good folks.” We are supposed to believe that the person complaining is doing good work, but I digress.

This situation was created by insurance agencies. They got the idea to incentivize plumbers by paying them for water damage leads. They pumped so much money into the referral system that plumbers started saying, “Hey! There must be some money in this? Look at how much money the insurance companies are willing to pay out! How hard can it be?”

It be hard, ladies and gentlemen. It be darn hard.

I want to argue against their claim. They claim that the market is “too saturated.” Here’s what I say: The market is NEVER going to be saturated. We need all the workers we can get our hands on.

Weather is getting worse. What was once a 100 year event is now happening once every 3 years. This is compounded by the fact that we have a labor shortage here in the US. The recession wiped out our army of good, capable labor. There was a time when a person could enlist in an apprenticeship program as a valid alternative to college. That stopped happening. Now we have a generation of people graduating from college without any trade skills under their belt.

So now, we are in the situation of needing all the workers we can get. And, there’s more work than ever. And, there will be more in the future. Any person who has time to complain about not having enough work has way too much time on their hands. Why would they have time on their hands? In a climate like this? Hmmm…

If you do good work, you get more work. The spoils go to those who attack problems the best.

Rising water raises all boats. And rising water is one of our main problems.

If you really don’t like this, I invite you to get out. It’s hard to make money in the water-damage industry. If you don’t have a knack for the work, stop complaining and get out. Fast. We don’t have time for you. The water is rising.

Together we are going to change this industry and it will be faster and easier to get paid. For now, this is the system we are in. We need to learn how to survive in the current environment. When we do, the future is bright.

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