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Professional Property Managers are in a unique position when it comes to Insurance claims.

While they are not technically the owner (insured), they are asked to represent their clients’ best interests when it comes to repairs of their properties.  When those properties are damaged by flood, fire or runaway vehicles, it is the property manager who gets to deal with the aftermath.

We have participated first hand in repairs to malls, office spaces and commercial kitchens.  The unique challenges of multi-tenant or multi-family buildings are particularly difficult to manage during insurance claims.

Educated property managers know how to navigate the claims process and add value for their clients.  Claims Delegates provides the education and guidance they need to not only put things back together, but to ensure repairs fall into their client’s long term facility plans.

  • Did you know that you can use your own in-house contractors and subs to perform insurance repairs?
  • Did you know that “restoration” contractors cost you 15% or more when compared to traditional GC’s?
  • Did you know that you can hire Claims Delegates to estimate damages and talk to the insurance adjuster?

Your clients TRUST you to manage their properties with integrity.  When disaster strikes you need to TRUST the BADGE.



images:Andrew Mace via Compfight