I’m a little fired up on this one. Perhaps you can tell. This is touching on my passion, and it makes me, well, passionate.

A restoration guy contacted me through LinkedIn. He wanted to know what I was about. He wanted to know my “angle.”

Guess what? There is no angle. I’m about more than the money.

I have an adjuster’s license, but I’m not a public adjuster.

I write estimates for homeowners. I write estimates for insurance companies. I adjust claims for insurance companies. I write appraisals for contractors. Since I have no allegiance to any party, I am free to work for everyone.

I just want things to be solved quickly an in an ethical manner. I want everyone to work together to get this done. That is Restoration 2.0. I want lead a revolution of change in an industry ripe for change.

Sure, I want to make a profit. I’m not ashamed of that. You shouldn’t be, either. We need to stick together and draw a line in the sand. Insurance adjusters might try to bully you. They have tried to bully me. There are just some things that are non-negotiable. Do not give free estimates. Charge market rates. Don’t negotiate invoices. Don’t talk directly to insurance companies without their client, the insured, present. We all need to be on the same page. I’m about integrity. I want to sleep well at night.

I am not asking for a lot. I’m only asking that people are honest and fair. If we all unite and demand that all parties are honest and fair… guess what? People will be honest and fair. The only reason some parties are NOT honest and fair is because we have allowed it. Well right now I am dis-allowing it.

Stop going to the insurance companies like Tiny Tim asking, “Please, sir? I will do whatever you say if you pay my invoice.” They HAVE to pay your invoice. They need your skill to perform the jobs. You are in the position of power. Don’t let them trick you into thinking otherwise.

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