The Process: Making Insurance Work


Being able to navigate the claims and restoration process starts with knowledge. Sharing this knowledge with contractors, homeowners, and building managers, and providing direct services to support your needs, is what we’re all about.

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The first thing to know is that this is YOUR claim.  Your insurance carrier is contractually obligated to handle your loss.  You sit in the driver’s seat and should never give up the wheel.

The second thing to know is that every party involved in the process has an agenda, and that the same thing drives all agendas: the bottom line. Typically, the insurance company controls the process, dictating terms that can work against the best interest of contractors, homeowners and property managers.

Our job at the start is to help you frame your agenda around your needs; whether you’re a contractor who’s new to restoration, a homeowner who’s filed a claim, or a property manager who wants greater oversight of the situation.

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We step to the plate for you by examining and assessing the damages, creating a scope of work, and completing a Xactimate estimate on your behalf. Xactimate is the industry’s preferred estimating tool, and just one of the ways we apply insider knowledge.

In fact, over the course of our working together, you will gain more knowledge, understanding and support about the claims and restoration process than most insurance carriers will give you throughout the life of your policy.

We answer the questions that will naturally come up, and help you create and implement a strategy that works toward meeting your needs.

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Whether you’re a contractor, homeowner or property manager, the claims and restoration process can make anyone want to duck and run. If you’re considering taking on restoration projects, or have recently filed a claim, call Claims Delegates to make sure you’re covered.

Don’t just make a claim, STAKE YOUR CLAIM.

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