PODCAST: Get Paid Your Worth

PODCAST: Get Paid Your Worth

Andy was recently interviewed for Restoration Domination Ep 027 on YouTube. You can watch the full video here.

Topics Covered:

  • Getting paid the ethical way, fast and in-full. Where do some contractors fall down and make mistakes? 
  • Why insurance companies don’t like to pay for profit. A little history of what happened in the industry. We (contractors) laid an unethical foundation.
  • Should OMP be negotiable? Why are you entitled to your OMP? How to stand up for your rights and what you charge. Who is your actual client?
  • Bulk pricing/invoicing. What is it? Does it work? Should I use it?
  • Advocating for flat rate pricing. How to make them take you seriously. Documentation gets paid. You need a system, like The 24 Hour Tech.
  • Being a better sales person. Soft sell vs. hard sell. What’s happening with deductibles? The need to remind property owners. Skin in the game and cash flow issues. Getting property owners on your side. What are they in for? How big will their final invoice be?
  • The need for a clean contract. Have you read your fine print? Don’t give up your power. Don’t use boiler-plate contracts. You don’t need to feel guilty about charging your worth.
  • Don’t be a Hyundai. What does that mean? The insurance company wants that. Do you?
  • TPAs are Necessary? We’re all in business to make money. Here’s an alternate opinion.
  • Insurance Profit Game. We’re certainly not getting the money. The insured isn’t getting the money. Who’s getting the money?
  • Making the case that CONTRACTORS are the enemy. We know this is ridiculous, but the insurance company paints this picture.
  • How much money do you need? You should know how much you have spent on a job. You need to make at least that much. Everything else is profit. What if you don’t know? The insurance company knows…
  • Having bad intentions from the start. This leads to difficult discussions later on. Be honest from the start. Trust us.
  • Power Question FREE DOWNLOAD. Put the adjustor in his or her place. Tell your client EXACTLY what they will say. Arm them with the right answers.
  • TOO MUCH TO COVER! Seriously. There’s a ton of golden nuggets in this one.
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What’s the Real Cost of Training?

What’s the Real Cost of Training?

Will the person still be here next month?

I want you to think about the real cost of training a water tech. Has it really sunk in?

I’ve had years of experience with water damage. I’ve trained a lot of water techs. I’ve had a lot of workers quit. When that happens, I’ve had to retrain more workers. It is heart-breaking when those technicians quit.

I get it. It’s a hard job.

Personally, I’ve been through WRT three times. The first time was for my initial training. The second and third time was to update my IIRC certificate (for ServiceMaster).

Did I learn anything new the second and third time?


I did learn one thing: training is expensive.

All three times, the cost to my employer was the same.

I had to get on an airplane. I had to stay in a hotel. I had to eat. I had to get paid a salary. I had to pay for the course.

Those figures change over time, but let’s give it a rough number… $3,000. And I took it three times. That $9,000.

Employers, this one’s for you: Was it worth it?

Not from my perspective. What if I hadn’t learned anything? What if I quit soon after? 

I’m just sayin’.

It happens.

What’s the answer?

I came up with a solution. If I was going to go through new technicians, well… like water… then I was going to create a system.

I want every tech to go through a training that was detailed enough to get the job done, and easy enough to finish in one day.

That was the 24-Hour Tech system. I created it first as a simple spreadsheet. Then I expanded it to a full book of lessons and explanations.

Now, it is a course.

  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates
  • Unlimited Students
  • One-day quick-start
  • $250 introductory price

What it is NOT

This course is not a replacement for WRT (or some other training course). The science is important. I want people to know the science. That’s not what I’m saying here.

I’m saying that a totally green new hire is NOT a candidate for an exclusive, three-day vacation training.

We’re comparing apples and oranges here. Yes, we want to spend $3000 to train a tech who’s been here for 6 months. Right now, we want to spend $250 to train a tech and get him or her to work. In a day, he or she will be ready to gather the data YOU NEED. That will make YOUR life easier. Now you can write a professional quote and get paid.

Why are you spending so much money training new techs?

I care about making YOU money

I was never one for college. It takes five years for a textbook to get into the hands of students. It takes a student four years to graduate. That means they come to you with information that is at least five years out of date (if not nine!).

I don’t need another piece of paper hanging on my wall. I don’t need a text-book education. I need a real-world education and a willingness to work hard. I want to know what I need to know. I want to feed my family. I want to help YOU feed YOUR family.

I want to get the job done, and done right.

That’s what I had in mind when I created the 24-Hour Tech program.

Get in.

Get your learn on.

Get out.

Start making money.

Lifetime access for just $250

If I forgot part of my WRT course, could I go back and ask the instructor? Not likely!

If I forgot a section of the 24-Hour Tech program, could I review it for free? You better believe it!

You have LIFETIME ACCESS for an UNLIMITED number of techs! It is an absolute steal at $250.

A no-brainer.

I will be going back regularly to update the course. I just finished a major update for 2021. I’m getting ready to release version three of the 24-Hour Tech. When it is done, it will be included in the course.

I can also come to you! Do you want 1-on-1 training for your employees?

Contact me for pricing.

[email protected]

What’s the catch?

No catch. I have a heart for restoration and education.

Remember, I was the guy out there training new water techs.

I know the pain of training new people over and over.

Let me make your life just a little bit easier.


Sure, I hope we’ll become life-long friends, but that’s not what I’m trying to do here. I’ve felt your pain. I want to ease your pain.

For real.

Check out the FREE preview

There’s no harm in coming by to kick the tires. We have some FREE lessons for the 24-Hour Tech course. Make your free account here:


I have a feeling you’re going to like what you see.


Who is this guy, anyway?

It’s possible someone shared this link with you and you have no idea who I am.

My name is Andy McCabe. I have been in the restoration industry for about 20 years now. I’ve been the guy crawling through basements at three in the morning. I’ve been the guy training others to crawl through basements at 3am.

I am a licensed adjuster.

I kind of do all the things.

I founded the company Claims Delegates to empower and educate people in disaster restoration. I am an advocate for the insured. I am a peer for the restoration contractor. I am a friend to all.


I’m on all the socials. Give me a listen!