Does Xactimate Include Profit?

Does Xactimate Include Profit?

You can’t help anyone if you’re broke.

In a world where it feels as if everything is out of control, we must step back and consider what it is that we CAN control. While cost controls are a given, most “restoration” contractors have forgotten what a contractor does: sets the price.

Double digit inflation combined with global turmoil have put more upward pressure on pricing than most of us have seen in our lifetimes. Protecting profits must be our #1 priority.

With so much OUT of our control, we must exert control where we CAN. Pricing is our RIGHT and now is the time to exercise it.

  • Xactimate has never included business profit in any line item
  • The amount of overhead and profit is left up to YOU TO DECIDE
  • Adjusters claim that profit is included, but this is FALSE
  • Job-related overhead should be added as a SEPARATE LINE ITEM
  • Residental supervision is NOT INCLUDED in any line item
  • It is ON YOU to make sure the business turns a profit
  • Beware of project creep! Think ahead.
  • During inflation, adjust your line items
VIDEO: Inflation is REAL

VIDEO: Inflation is REAL

I just wrote up an estimate over the weekend. You’ll never believe what I found… If you aren’t looking at your costs, you’re in trouble.

  • Lumber prices are INSANE. Xactimate prices out boards at $10. The real-life price is very different.
  • Don’t work backwards. It could take six months to realize you are LOSING MONEY.
  • Xactimate hasn’t caught up yet. They WILL catch up, but they haven’t caught up yet.
  • Contractors are amazed. I added $50k or $60k to the project. It’s out of my control.
  • Need help? Adjusting prices is one of the services I provide. Contact me today.


PODCAST: Get Paid Your Worth

PODCAST: Get Paid Your Worth

Andy was recently interviewed for Restoration Domination Ep 027 on YouTube. You can watch the full video here.

Topics Covered:

  • Getting paid the ethical way, fast and in-full. Where do some contractors fall down and make mistakes? 
  • Why insurance companies don’t like to pay for profit. A little history of what happened in the industry. We (contractors) laid an unethical foundation.
  • Should OMP be negotiable? Why are you entitled to your OMP? How to stand up for your rights and what you charge. Who is your actual client?
  • Bulk pricing/invoicing. What is it? Does it work? Should I use it?
  • Advocating for flat rate pricing. How to make them take you seriously. Documentation gets paid. You need a system, like The 24 Hour Tech.
  • Being a better sales person. Soft sell vs. hard sell. What’s happening with deductibles? The need to remind property owners. Skin in the game and cash flow issues. Getting property owners on your side. What are they in for? How big will their final invoice be?
  • The need for a clean contract. Have you read your fine print? Don’t give up your power. Don’t use boiler-plate contracts. You don’t need to feel guilty about charging your worth.
  • Don’t be a Hyundai. What does that mean? The insurance company wants that. Do you?
  • TPAs are Necessary? We’re all in business to make money. Here’s an alternate opinion.
  • Insurance Profit Game. We’re certainly not getting the money. The insured isn’t getting the money. Who’s getting the money?
  • Making the case that CONTRACTORS are the enemy. We know this is ridiculous, but the insurance company paints this picture.
  • How much money do you need? You should know how much you have spent on a job. You need to make at least that much. Everything else is profit. What if you don’t know? The insurance company knows…
  • Having bad intentions from the start. This leads to difficult discussions later on. Be honest from the start. Trust us.
  • Power Question FREE DOWNLOAD. Put the adjustor in his or her place. Tell your client EXACTLY what they will say. Arm them with the right answers.
  • TOO MUCH TO COVER! Seriously. There’s a ton of golden nuggets in this one.
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Restoration Crash Course 2022

Restoration Crash Course 2022

In this three-day special event you will learn how to use Xactimate, track your time, at make more money in restoration!

February 15 – 17, 2022
2pm – 4pm PST (5pm – 7pm EST)


We want to show off all of our improvements to the course. You are welcome to join us FOR FREE. Simply contact Andy to request admission.
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Put Me In, Coach!

Put Me In, Coach!

It’s a common dilemma. You had a flood in your house. The insurance company offers $10,000 to fix it. You can’t find a contractor to do the work for under $40,000. You may feel this is unfair. It certainly is. This is also by design. The insurance company makes more money when it pays you less than what you’re OWED.

Insurance companies use a very complicated program called Xactimate. This is also by design. If it were easy to use, the common property owner could master it. Xactimate software is very expensive. If it were affordable, the average property owner would have a copy.

We’re not talking about Microsoft Word, here.

Is it starting to feel like the deck is stacked against you? The insurance company is trying to get you on the ropes. They want you to feel powerless and hopeless. When you’re in that position, you will accept ANY low-ball offer they give you. Hint: You don’t have to accept the first offer.

Time to get US in your corner!

Like it or not, the insurance company uses Xactimate. That is their “language.” Speaking the same language as the insurance company generally leads to bigger and more successful claims. That’s why you need Xactimate.

Don’t let the insurance company tell YOU how much the damage is worth. Let an advocate fight for you. We’re on YOUR side!

We’re industry veterans. We’ve been doing restoration jobs for decades. We know the REAL cost of fixing a damaged property. Hint: The first offer from the insurance company will ALWAYS be less than what they think your claim is worth.

We need to be on the same page when we go to the mat with the insurance company. They have a “professional” quote that says the damage can be fixed for $X. We have a quote that says the damage can be fixed for $Y. Which quote is going to succeed? Hint: The property owner (YOU) have more power than you think you do!

Andy McCabe is a licensed Public Adjuster. He is insured and bonded. He’s been doing this a long time. Let him go after your carrier! Put me in, coach!