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Does Xactimate Include Profit?

“You can’t help anyone if you’re broke.” When it feels as if everything is out of control, we can help. Focus on what you CAN control.

VIDEO: Inflation is REAL

I just wrote up an estimate over the weekend. You’ll never believe what I found… If you aren’t looking at your costs, you’re in trouble.

No Insurance? What? Me Worry?

Mold remediation is no big deal… until it’s not. Let me tell you about the dangers. Long story short — get liability insurance!

PODCAST: Get Paid Your Worth

Andy was recently interviewed for Restoration Domination Ep 027 on YouTube. There’s a ton of golden nuggets of wisdom here.

Insurance Power Questions Take Your Power Back! Ask your insurance company THESE QUESTIONS to get PAID IN FULL, before things get ugly. Request the answers via email so you have documentation for later (especially if this goes to trial!) Is my claim covered? This...

Restoration Crash Course 2022

In this three-day special event you will learn how to use Xactimate, track your time, at make more money in restoration! SIGN UP NOW!

What is a Restoration Rebel?

There was a great post over on our Restoration Rebels Facebook page today. What does it mean to be a Restoration Rebel? This is what it means to me.

Weaponized Appraisal and Call for Unity

A humble band of restoration contractors joined together as one. Their cry? NO MORE! NO comp bids. DEMAND fair compensation. United = STRONG.


You did the job. You hired the guys. You put in the sweat and tears. Now the insurance company wants to cut you a deal. Wait a second. A deal for who? Don’t back down. The insurance companies are all bark. If you stand your ground, they will be forced to pay you in...

Put Me In, Coach!

It's a common dilemma. You had a flood in your house. The insurance company offers $10,000 to fix it. You can't find a contractor to do the work for under $40,000. You may feel this is unfair. It certainly is. This is also by design. The insurance company makes more...