Expert Witness

Expert Witness

When a claim goes to trial, you need to be ready. We offer expert witness services to lawyers.

Claims Delegates works as your building restoration partner and advocate as we provide construction consulting, construction defect, and expert witness services. Whether you’re dealing with a construction defect claim and reconstruction process or in need of an expert opinion on scope, cost and period of restoration, we are at your service. Our building consultant experts routinely travel North America, acting on behalf of our clients and have extensive experience assisting business and homeowners successfully navigate the protracted claim process.

An expert witness has 4 main requirements:

  1. Skilled, professional with specialized knowledge. Our team has been trained and certified in all matters of damage restoration.
  2. Our testimony is reliable. We don’t mince words or beat around the bush. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We aren’t concerned with how other people think of us. Only the truth is important.
  3. We live to be helpful. We understand that what is obvious to us might not be obvious to all. We want to teach you to see what is not clear.
  4. Our expertise is a firm foundation to build a case upon.

Let us show you how to “wow” a jury. Bury the other guy in data. The thickest file wins the case.

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