You can’t help anyone if you’re broke.

In a world where it feels as if everything is out of control, we must step back and consider what it is that we CAN control. While cost controls are a given, most “restoration” contractors have forgotten what a contractor does: sets the price.

Double digit inflation combined with global turmoil have put more upward pressure on pricing than most of us have seen in our lifetimes. Protecting profits must be our #1 priority.

With so much OUT of our control, we must exert control where we CAN. Pricing is our RIGHT and now is the time to exercise it.

  • Xactimate has never included business profit in any line item
  • The amount of overhead and profit is left up to YOU TO DECIDE
  • Adjusters claim that profit is included, but this is FALSE
  • Job-related overhead should be added as a SEPARATE LINE ITEM
  • Residental supervision is NOT INCLUDED in any line item
  • It is ON YOU to make sure the business turns a profit
  • Beware of project creep! Think ahead.
  • During inflation, adjust your line items