Sometimes I am amazed by the amount of money that gets left on the table during an insurance claim. Today I ran some quick calculations on a recent claim I helped a client with.

While I won’t reveal anything in particular about the claim or insurance carrier, I can tell you a little about the situation.

When I was hired to look at the claim, there was a settlement offer on the table for roughly $325,000.

After looking over the insurance carrier’s estimate and making some minor suggested revisions, the settlement offer was over $390,000.  It was well over a $60,000 add to the final claim.

I didn’t do anything extraordinary either.  I was just looking at the loss from a contractor’s perspective; instead of an adjuster’s point of view.

What did this cost the claimant for my services? 1/4 of a percent (less than $1,500).  I think he got his money’s worth.

What is YOUR money worth?