How much is your claim worth? The insurance company is EAGER to give you a check. Perhaps too eager? If you take the check, will you get things back to normal? Will a contractor be able to do the repairs and get you back to pre-loss condition?

Let us give you peace of mind. Let us do a professional estimate of the damage. We have 50+ combined years of restoration experience. We know how much it will cost to repair the damage to YOUR property.

Claims Delegates will create a detailed estimate of repair costs in the industry software called Xactimate.

Are you needing just a Roof and Siding repair estimate for storm damage?

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You did the job. You hired the guys. You put in the sweat and tears. Now the insurance company wants to cut you a deal. Wait a second. A deal for who? Don’t back down. The insurance companies are all bark. If you stand your ground, they will be forced to pay you in...

Put Me In, Coach!

It's a common dilemma. You had a flood in your house. The insurance company offers $10,000 to fix it. You can't find a contractor to do the work for under $40,000. You may feel this is unfair. It certainly is. This is also by design. The insurance company makes more...