Public Adjusting

Public Adjusting

When you file a home insurance claim, a representative from the insurance company reviews your claim and estimates your payout based on the damage. Unfortunately, claim payouts are often lower than expected, and you may feel entitled to more money.

One solution to getting a fair and accurate home insurance claim payment is to hire a public insurance adjuster.

When you file a home insurance claim, you are assigned an adjuster who works for your insurance company. The insurance adjuster evaluates claims and calculates the policyholder’s payout based on the severity of the loss and their policy coverage. The adjuster also handles claim payout negotiation. These professionals want to ensure the insurance company does not lose too much money.

Insurance claims adjusters have a stake in the insurance company that employs them. Ultimately, they are not working for you. Because of that, you will likely receive a lower payout than what you are owed.

Some homeowners choose to hire a Public Adjuster. A public insurance adjuster is an independent professional that acts on behalf of the policyholder. When the claim is settled, the adjuster receives a percentage of the payout.

Unlike a regular adjuster, a public insurance adjuster completes an in-depth review of your claim, surveys the damage in-person and estimates their own payout based on the evidence they collect. A public adjuster usually does a much more comprehensive evaluation than a regular insurance adjuster.

Claims Delegates wrote estimates and packaged claims FOR Public Adjusters long before they became adjusters themselves. We understand what it takes to get a FULL claim settlement.

Public Adjusting

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