The Claim Clinic

The Claim Clinic Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the education of the restoration industry.  Advice and tips from the legends of the insurance repair world.

The Restoration Nation Podcast

The Restoration Nation Podcast

The Restoration Nation’s goal is to…
Educate, Collaborate, Motivate 



Restoration Mastery

Restoration Mastery

Restoration Mastery works with existing or potential Disaster Restoration Contractors who find themselves starting out where our founders started 20 years ago. On their way to the top, due to things inside and outside of their control, O.P. Almaraz and Tim Bauer endured taxing hardships and overcame mind-blowing adversity. Their experiences left a trail of blood, sweat and tears that eventually led to where they are today.

The Restoration Entrepreneur

The Restoration Entrepreneur

At The Restoration Entrepreneur our Business Coaching is all about YOU! Helping you grow your business with actionable plans that bring immediate results is our chief goal. Whether it is being selected by multiple TPAs and becoming an insurance program contractor, or taming the wild beast of construction services and increasing profits we help you quickly get on the right track.

Ascend Business Coaching

Ascend Business Strategies

High Performance means excelling and succeeding above standard norms consistently over the long-term. High Performance Living is the feeling of full engagement and joy allowing us to outperform our history and consistently live from and into our full potential by Mastering Your Mind, Your Body, Your Focus, Your Influence, Your Presence and Your Mission.



There are MANY moving parts to an insurance claim.  These companies help take the load off.
Claimplus Contents Inventory

Contents Inventory and Valuation Services

“The positive effects of outsourcing contents claims to Claimplus is measured in real dollars. “Time Saved” alone, yields benefits representing millions of dollars each week. With Claimplus providing your contents inventories and valuation, your opportunity to redirect your organization’s core competencies will strengthen your team’s performance.”  Elizabeth Jane Nelson – Claimplus CEO

Software and SaaS

How I keep my back office running smoothly.

Work Truck Direct

Freshbooks - I've used this accounting service for twelve years now.


MISC Good Stuff

Things that you'll find very helpful.

Mikey's Board for Carpet Cleaners

Mikey's Board


Everything you need to know about carpet cleaning.  And even some stuff you don't!

Equipment and Vehicles

Tools of the Trade!

Work Truck Direct

Work Truck Direct

Work Truck Direct is the premier Sourcing, Financing, and Leasing resource for Carpet Cleaning, Extraction, Water Damage and Emergency Restoration Vehicles nationwide.