Referral for Andy McCabe:

I live out of state but own a rental property in Portland that I pay a property management company to manage.  It was recently that my water heater went out and flooded the basement.  The property management company did a poor job, to say the least, communicating with me regarding the damage, the remedy, and the current state of the basement and the current tenant was becoming disgruntled as well.

At this point I called Andy to see if he could take a look at the situation and give me an honest assessment of what had happened.  Andy discovered that the property management had not taken care of the original clean up properly and that the company they hired (also owned by them) was at fault for the damage done to the carpet ultimately making it irreplaceable.

Within an hour of Andy’s visit my tenant was satisfied and relieved, my property management company was forced to admit guilt and paid for the damage that they were previously going to charge me thousands of dollars for, and all parties commented on how nice and easy to work with Andy was not to mention the relief I felt knowing that there was an end to this nightmare.

Andy did for me what I was paying the property management company to do and exercised a sense of urgency in getting the problem resolved. As someone who has been in the restoration business for so long, Andy also had several good referrals and recommendations that I appreciated as an out of state homeowner.

I would refer Andy to anyone as he is honest, friendly, and can apply constant gentle pressure to get things done better than anyone I have ever worked with.



Ally M.