I’ve been estimating insurance losses for some time now. I’ve worked for several companies, with a myriad of business structures.

I feel I know the restoration industry quite well.  I know what makes it tick, and how to make a good living.

In recent years I’ve noticed a marked trend away from the “in-house” labor model.  It has become too expensive to hire your own carpenters, drywallers and painters.

What has happened is that the industry has leaned more and more on their subcontractors to carry the burden (and risk) of hiring and retaining experienced tradesmen.  And why not? You don’t have to pay your framing sub unemployment benefits when you run out of work do you?

This trend has led to the growth of so-called “turnkey” contractors who are able to handle several or all of the trades required to perform restoration work.  Increasingly, these contractors are being asked by their existing & past customers to handle insurance losses.

Without knowledge of Xactimate or adjusting guidelines, the turnkey contractors are compelled to refer this work to their “restoration” partners.  That is where I come in.

I help the remodel & new construction contractors service the customers they’ve worked so hard to please over the years.  If you’ve remodeled Mrs. Jones’ bathroom and she calls for your help after her washing machine explodes, why would you want to pass that project to someone else?

Let me show you how the system works, and you can show Mrs. Jones why she chose to hire you in the first place.