PODCAST: Get Paid Your Worth

PODCAST: Get Paid Your Worth

Andy was recently interviewed for Restoration Domination Ep 027 on YouTube. You can watch the full video here.

Topics Covered:

  • Getting paid the ethical way, fast and in-full. Where do some contractors fall down and make mistakes? 
  • Why insurance companies don’t like to pay for profit. A little history of what happened in the industry. We (contractors) laid an unethical foundation.
  • Should OMP be negotiable? Why are you entitled to your OMP? How to stand up for your rights and what you charge. Who is your actual client?
  • Bulk pricing/invoicing. What is it? Does it work? Should I use it?
  • Advocating for flat rate pricing. How to make them take you seriously. Documentation gets paid. You need a system, like The 24 Hour Tech.
  • Being a better sales person. Soft sell vs. hard sell. What’s happening with deductibles? The need to remind property owners. Skin in the game and cash flow issues. Getting property owners on your side. What are they in for? How big will their final invoice be?
  • The need for a clean contract. Have you read your fine print? Don’t give up your power. Don’t use boiler-plate contracts. You don’t need to feel guilty about charging your worth.
  • Don’t be a Hyundai. What does that mean? The insurance company wants that. Do you?
  • TPAs are Necessary? We’re all in business to make money. Here’s an alternate opinion.
  • Insurance Profit Game. We’re certainly not getting the money. The insured isn’t getting the money. Who’s getting the money?
  • Making the case that CONTRACTORS are the enemy. We know this is ridiculous, but the insurance company paints this picture.
  • How much money do you need? You should know how much you have spent on a job. You need to make at least that much. Everything else is profit. What if you don’t know? The insurance company knows…
  • Having bad intentions from the start. This leads to difficult discussions later on. Be honest from the start. Trust us.
  • Power Question FREE DOWNLOAD. Put the adjustor in his or her place. Tell your client EXACTLY what they will say. Arm them with the right answers.
  • TOO MUCH TO COVER! Seriously. There’s a ton of golden nuggets in this one.
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What is a Restoration Rebel?

What is a Restoration Rebel?



All right y’all. Let’s talk about it.

Ben *** put up a great post this afternoon and it’s getting a lot of response including one from me. His question, “What does it really mean to you or us to be a Restoration Rebel?”

I appreciate Ben for doing that. “Thank you!”

There’s some energy and some discussions here. We really need to have this discussion. We need to repeat this discussion over and over because it’s important. What the Restoration Rebels represent is important but don’t be fooled! Just because you’re a member of this page does NOT mean that you’re a Restoration Rebel.

Membership in this page is FREE. We have a very low bar to membership. You need to be a restorer or an associate of some kind. You need to answer three simple questions. That’s it. That’s the only requirement to being on the page.

The requirement to being a Restoration Rebel is very different. Being a Restoration Rebel means putting a target on your back. It means standing up for things. It means fighting for things you believe in. Sometimes, this is in spite of the fact that it’s probably not in your best interest short term.

It’s for the greater good. I’ve been fired from three different companies because of my affiliation with and my voice in this group. I think that qualifies me as a Restoration Rebel. I’ve given up or been forced to give up my livelihood and start over again and go find another way to make a living because of the things i’ve said in regards to insurance claims in this industry as a whole. You know who else qualifies in my mind as a real Restoration Rebel? Ben.

I’m involved in two files with Ben right now. One as a public adjuster and one as an appraiser. The only reason that both of these claims went sideways is because Ben has a target on his back. The carriers (State Farm and Liberty Safeco) saw his company and his name on the file and it went straight off the rails. They put the brakes on everything and these claims are WAY harder now. It is all because they saw his involvement.

I’m not saying they’re harder because of him. In reality, I’ve gone through his paperwork. I’ve seen his stuff. I’ve seen his estimates. He is MORE than fair on the mitigation side. I would challenge anyone in this group to match his level of documentation.

So why does BEN have a have a target on his back?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because he does the right thing every time. He doesn’t take ****. He doesn’t bend on behalf of the carriers. He takes care of his clients. Some times this is to his own detriment. He doesn’t give in to this idea that we have to negotiate every little thing on every single claim.

Guess what? The founders of this group understand on a deep level that it wasn’t broke to start out with. We didn’t break this thing (the insurance industry). I am tired of us just standing by as things get more and more broken.

There are folks in leadership positions today (in the restoration industry) who were there at the beginning. I was just coming up. They were there every step of the way. They lead organizations and associations at every level of this industry. They didn’t do anything then. They’re still not doing anything. We’ve watched the erosion of influence and power of the
contractor in the restoration world. There’s people that have been
sitting by and letting that happen.

This group is standing up and saying “not on my watch” and “all right, that’s enough.” We are going to take our businesses, our industry, and our clients back. We’re going to treat them well. We’re going to treat our clients like customers.

We’re going to tell their insurers what to pay. We’re going to do it because it’s the right thing to do. We’re not “trying to retire” on every single job. We’re just trying to make a living. We’re trying to make people whole. That’s why we’re here in the first place. You don’t exist in the Restoration Industry unless some part of you enjoys making people whole. Some part of you enjoys being of service.

So that’s what it means to me to be a Restoration Rebel. That’s what I’m going to hold you to. If you’re watching this or you’re on the rebel page as a member. You have to make the hard decisions. Do you make decisions that are probably short-term to your detriment but long-term better for the entire industry? Are you even capable of making that type of decision?

I know a lot of people who are.

That’s all I have to say about that.

We’ll see you guys.