Dear Mr. Contractor,

I’d like to share a little about what exactly it is that I do and where you can go for more information.

I help contractors do insurance work so that:

  1. They get paid quickly
  2. They make 35% gross profit on every job (at least)
  3. They increase their service offerings (i.e. their past customers become future customers and referral resources)

The insurance repair industry is changing, and is ripe for a big change.  There is typically a huge technical and cultural learning curve for new players.  I am the only service provider in Portland that specializes in helping non-restoration GC’s perform insurance repairs.

With my help, any quality contractor can avoid the learning curve and break into this exclusive market.  My dream is to have a world where the homeowner (insured) truly has a choice in selecting their contractor.

I know you do high quality work.  That’s exactly the kind of work that most people want done when disaster strikes.  I’m here to make sure you get paid on par with your quality level.

I’m enclosing a sample Xactimate estimate.  As you’ll see, they aren’t exactly self-explanatory. This particular estimate was the final product of several rounds of negotiation and revision.  The insurance company initially wrote their estimate at $53k.  My first estimate was $94k.

With my help, we finally settled at $83,947 ($31,000 higher than the insurance company offered).  And the contractor still has the ability to supplement for permits and other “open” items.  I think I earned my 3%, don’t you?

My services also include an email campaign designed to get the word out to your existing client base about your new “restoration” services.  I’ve got a plug & play template and an email marketing service ready to spread the word. Also, I can show you how to get on LinkedIn and Facebook. You really need to be there if you aren’t already.

Below are a couple links for you to check me out.

When you need an estimate you can trust, TRUST THE BADGE!