When was the last time you received a 10,000% return on an investment?  Sounds unreal doesn’t it?

Did you know that is exactly what you get when you let Claims Delegates write your Xactimate estimates?  Go ahead and do the math: a ONE PERCENT fee means that for every dollar you spend, you get $100 of revenue in return.  That’s some serious ROI!

Xactimate Is Revenue

An important concept I touched on in the first part of Mitigation Moneyball is that Xactimate estimates equal Revenue.  Think about it; have you ever had a bill that was less than your Xactimate estimate?  I hope not. (yes, I understand that there are sometimes discounts given, but that’s a different topic).

That means that your company’s revenue is directly tied to the size of the Xactimate estimates you produce.

With that in mind, you can do two things to improve your revenue numbers:

  1. Increase the size of your Xactimate estimates and
  2. Reduce the costs of developing those estimates.

The good news is that Claims Delegates can help with both!

We’ve been writing estimates in Xactimate for over fifteen years.

We know the inside secrets of squeezing every penny out of the database.  We also understand the ins-&-outs of insurance programs and what adjusters are generally willing to pay for – as well as what things will raise red flags.

Would you like to be assured of high margins on every estimate?  Better make sure you hire an estimator that understands the system as a whole. HIRE CLAIMS DELEGATES

Lock in your costs before you start

The second thing you can do to improve margins is to LOCK IN YOUR COSTSJack Dennison preaches about buying out jobs and making sure your subs work hard for you.  How many subs do you know that work for ONE PERCENT?

When you hire Claims Delegates, you’re locking in your estimating costs at ONE PERCENT of revenue.  It’s tough to say “no”, right?  We’re able to write estimates at a high rate of efficiency because that’s all we do – write Xactimate estimates.

Our writers aren’t out “marketing” to adjusters, managing the on-site operations of job sites, or hanging out by the water cooler talking about their weekends.  Our writers are focused on YOUR estimate.  What you get is a thorough Xactimate estimate that costs you a fraction of hiring a full-time employee.

What are you waiting for?


Increase your revenues and lock in your costs. Call Claims Delegates today!


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