“How does it work?”

I recently received an email from a new client asking how Claims Delegates “worked”.  She asked several really great questions, and I thought I’d answer them for ya’ll.

In reality I’m being lazy, because these are actually very common questions that I receive all the time, so I’m putting them down “on paper” so I can start sharing a link instead of retyping the answers every time.  Is that OK with you?

Here we go:

What is your charge and how do you charge?

EX; by job type, job amount, amount of time it takes to write the estimate?

We charge by the hour. We have a fee range from $110 to $165 an hour for everyone from old, established clients (lower fee) to brand new folks (coaching included in services).

After the minimum service fee ($299), our estimate generation fee will not exceed 2% of the value of the estimate.

We can turn most water mitigation jobs in 24hrs.  Roof Only replacements take 24-48hrs.  Repair estimate return times depend on the complexity/size of the loss.

Is there a fee to register with your company?

There is a minimum service fee of $500 for first time clients.  This is applied as a CREDIT toward our hourly service charges.

Is there a minimum number of claims?

Or can you take claim by claim?

Absolutely not. No minimum order quantity. (There’s no MAXIMUM either… wink, wink)

It is our hope that you will enjoy the experience of someone else cranking out your Xactimate estimates so much, that you'll soon forget that you ever did it yourself.

Are You Ready to Get a REAL Estimate?

Stake Your Claim

Do you submit to the insurance company for me?

XM8 Can DoWe can send emails directly to adjusters if you prefer. 

We also have the ability to send assignments via Xactanalysis  (XactNet address: CLAIMS.PORTLAND.OR).

You can see how this works in this article.

That means that we can write estimates and submit them on your behalf to TPAs like Lionsbridge and Nexxus.

Phone and email conversations with carriers and adjusters will be billed at the negotiated hourly rate.

How is your communication with your clients?

We communicate every step of the way.  Our projects begin with a phone conversation.  It is important to us that we understand your needs and expectations right up front.

After you submit a Project Intake form, you will begin to receive automated emails from the Claims Delegates XM8 System.  You will receive email updates at every stage of the process, from “Intake” to “Delivery & Upload” of your estimate.

Once an estimate is delivered, a secondary meeting can be set up in order to work through any needed revisions.  Often an email response with changes is sufficient.

We will follow up every week or so after that, to check on the status of any needed Supplements.

Need Some Advice Quick?

Do you do construction estimates as well?

ScopingXM8Absolutely we do construction estimates in Xactimate. 

Our largest estimate to date is a $3.5million apartment building that suffered major water damage.  The project required the use of as-built architectural plans as the basis for our Xactimate sketch.

Of course, most projects fall into the more manageable $15,000 to $35,000 range.  Through the use of Scope Notes sheets and sharing of pictures via Google Drive, we put together a complete Xactimate estimate according to your needs and specifications.

And it all comes with your letterhead and estimator’s name attached.  In the end, the files are all yours (including any ESX files generated).

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